About Us

In a time of growing complexity and changing paradigms, when the world future is at stake due to selfish human action and short term ventures, people with clear visions and the courage of developing them are most needed; people with the grit and passion to make a vision happen and share it to the world.


Wild Patagonia is a Family Office based in Frutillar, in the Chilean Patagonia. Her President, Nicola Schiess, is a woman of strong convictions and a clear vision of the world as she conceives it.


This world of her is more natural, healthier, more human and made of many rather small beautiful things.


Along with her team at Wild Patagonia, she strives for making the world a much better place using tools such as creativity, innovation, sustainability, the relentless pursuit of beauty in things, valuing on unrested perseverance and commitment for long term goals.