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Looking from the perspective of innovation and creativity, solutions and opportunities are endless. Wild Patagonia Chile is committed to generating ideas and knowledge, distinctive of orange economy, through four major areas of development: education, creative industries, healthy foods and investments.

Kopernikus School

Creative and innovative education that maximizes the uniqueness of its students, forming integral and prepared citizens for the future.

Puelche Frutillar

First International Forum on Education and Creativity, which brings together world education leaders with school directors, executives and teachers from Los Lagos Region.

Daetz, Creative Space

The meeting point of the restless minds in Frutillar. A special space for co-work, workshops and networking, which welcomes and provides all the creativity and warmth of the Patagonia.

Abuela Goye

The most beloved chocolate shop from Patagonia, which for 40 years has been offering sweet, hand-made and healthy delicacies of the highest quality in Argentina.

Wild Patagonia Foods

Production and commercialization of native berries with Chilean Patagonia origin and biodynamic agriculture, available in two dehydrated formats: pop fruit or powder.


Wild Patagonia Chile is a Family Office based in Frutillar, right at the beginning of Chilean Patagonia. Its president, Nicola Schiess, a visionary and determined woman, leads local projects with a global impact.

Along with her team, she works to concretize her ideas and lead by example, using tools such as creativity, innovation, sustainability, the incessant search for beauty in daily things, the value of perseverance and the responsibility of being changemakers.

impact & commitment.

Wild Patagonia Chile seeks to generate impact through sustainable and scalable businesses over time, committing to long-term projects that can change paradigms in education, social, cultural, environmental, touristic, patrimonial and economic development of Patagonia.

Likewise, it seeks to connect with restless people, with innovative minds, as well as work collaboratively with investors who have a similar vision and purpose, both for the foundation of new companies and also to join projects in development, which need to enter stages of expansion, growth and internationalization.



Caupolicán 31, Frutillar, Chile